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Welcome to a supermarket that’s better than the rest!

You’ll find a wide range of groceries, Lapland’s own delicacies and large variety of special goods. We have everything you need on your holiday: adapters, sledges, toys, souvenirs and everything you might need.

Supermarket with large variety

We have very large variety in everything you could imagine to be in a grocery store. We are greates candyshop in Levi and whole assortment in our shop contains more than 35000 items.


Our delicatesse-market offers warm grilled products, such as grilled chicken and best ribs of neighborhood. We have take-away sallads and warm lunch from mon-fri.
Delicatesse-market basics: variety of fresh salads, meat, fish and fish products changes daily.
You’ll find also products of reindeer and unique salted meat! Why wouldn’t you have a taste of Made in Levi garlic-corned whitefish?

All you need on your holiday

From our home ware selection you’ll find supplies for cooking and baking among other things. We sell Iittala’s and Arabia’s products, Sidoste’s Levi-sock and many other local or finnish brands.
Our range of toys is widest in the neighborhood; we’ve both novelties and classics.
We also have inclusive selection of electronics, cables and home appliances.
You’ll find easily an uk-euro adapter and sledges from LeviMarket 🙂

From Lapland

We haInto our Lapland’s own shelf we’ve gathered tasty jams, juices, sauces, dried berries and sweets made of cloudberries, crowberries, cranberries, blueberries, sea buckthorn berries and other Lappish berries.
Reindeer and other game meat products you find from cold cuts shelf, Delicatesse-market and freezer.
We’ve also tasty conserves made of fish and meat and dried products. Reindeer hides have reasonable price in LeviMarket.


We have wide range of organic and fairtrade products. We happy to be part of Kesko which is ranked again the most sustainable grocery trade company in the world.
We are proud to make our own effort be as sustainable as we can.

Special diets

Also customers with special diets have been taken into account in our store. Gluten-free (gluteeniton), sugar-free (sokeriton) and lactose-free (laktoositon) products have clearly been marked in our shop that you’ll find fast what you’re looking for. We have frozen gluten-free breads and fresh gluten-free breads and confectionery are delivered on every Thursday afternoon.

Have you ever thought that food mentioned to be hot to taste not-hot? Well now it does, – we have assortment of hot and delicious sauces and spices to ease your passion to heat! Products from our own Finnish producer: Poppamies is great product to bring home as a gift from finland. More of Poppamies in english -> click here

Services nearby

We have a Pharmacy, Levin Panimo&Pub (brewery), Sekatavarakauppa (LINKKI)and Tunturituuli-apartments in the same yard.
Welcome to enjoy your holiday at Tunturituuli-apartments! Apartments are situated in the heart of Levi, near all amenities. Reserve your accomodation here.

Opening hours

Opening hours
Clik above to see our opening times. We are open year-round every day!

K-supermarket Levi
Levin Levi-Market Oy
Leviraitti 1, 99130 Levi
+358400 933 800
info (at)
FB, INSTAGRAM & TIKTOK @levimarket

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Welcome to Levi!

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